Wine tours

Catalonia has some great wines and cavas, especially down south in the Penedes and Priorat area. Both offer real quality wines, heavenly pleasures on the tongue! Come and taste deli wines and food, Heavenly countryside and old architecture to explore as well. Both our guides - real characters- are extremely passionate about their thing, so plenty of info will be given on the wine-making process, hey will teach you the the subtle differences and little tricks and tales about this seventh art so you sound like an axpert once back at home...or not.

As they both live in the area they know them as Also some of the wineries are pretty difficult to visit; some bodegas only allow visits with a wine guide. Our guides have made a great selection of the very special ones, for you, to enjoy! Also in both areas offers extremely good food, Especially in the Priorat area where there are some real gems. From home cooking to creative cuisine, the guide offers,you choose! These tours are suitable for people who enjoy wine and food and want to learn a bit more or for real connoisseurs.

f you're into wine, we recommend you to visit one of these two ares (or both) , very accessible by train, deal for a daytrip from Barcelona. And you get a chance to see some of the stunning countryside of Barcelona. No driving for you involved , so you can drink as much as your heart  desires . And fear not, we'll stay sober!


Option 1: Priorat Wine tour -Stefan your guide, is export manager for several Catalan wineries and lives in the Priorat’s main village, Falset. Stefan will introduce you to the Priorat’s wines and cuisine and will guide you through the area’s small winding roads to carefully-chosen wineries and enchanting villages. A full day activity, you can get to Falset by train - a two hours journey- the wine will pick you up there and will drive you around all day. We can also help you to find accommodation there if wanted. More info you can find here.

Option 2: Penedes area : wine and cava tour

Your wine guide,  will take you to the Alt Penedès which is  Barcelona's quiet wine garden and his home for the last 14 years. He likes small and friendly, so no big wineries or big tour groups;  he also likes variety so there will be a sparkling wine producer and a red wine specialist with culture, countryside and food in between. More info you can find here.