Barcelona with the kids


If you come to Barcelona with your children, fear not: we have designed a tour in the old part which can be enjoyed by parents and offspring alike. Based around our Favourite Fusion tour, the twist here is to include visits, games and stories to keep the attention of the younger ones (and the odd easily-distracted adults). These might include an artisanal sweet shop where they can see how the candies are made, an original toy workshop, an old-fashioned milk bar where they can indulge in a creamy traditional milkshake, guessing games in the food market, and more.

With them thus occupied, there is time to explain to the grown-ups of the group the anecdotes on the history, culture, cuisine and associated tales of the city.

Given that the wee darlings can tire just as much as they can dash around, we stop off for sufficient spiritual and physical rests, and snack and drink, so that they can recover enough to drive us all to distraction once again…


At the corner of Carrer Angels and Carrer d’Elisabets, just next to the MACBA contemporary art museum.


On request


Only possible as private tour. For prices,  please contact us.


Please phone during office hours or e-mail us as soon as possible- tours need to be booked in advance ; last  minute bookings are not always possible. The groups are limited to a maximum of ten. The tour can be given in English, Dutch , Spanish, French, Italian and German.