Coming to Barcelona with your students(secondary school)? The obvious spots are easy to find but, as a truly caring educator (right?), you know that the young mind is “a spark to be lit, not a vessel to be filled”. So, to fully engage the little angels' imagination and, coincidentally, take off some weight of your shoulders, we can organise activities that not only show them something different and original in Barcelona, but make them think as well.

Going on a school trip is a lot of fun, but also an ideal opportunity to broaden students’ outlook on life.

Our advantage is that, as locals know the city and how to showcase its different way of life, culture and so that students can return home with something more that a few silly souvenirs. We achieve this in a fun, interactive way, so that they can learn something from their experience here, which we can adapt in line with their age and academic level

We offer a range of off-the-shelf activities which you can find in the pdf below – at the moment this is only in Dutch, but an English version will be available soon. 
However, we can also use these as the basis for activities that are tailor-made to your needs and wishes!


Some examples of our activities:
Interactive alternative walking or cycling tours, such as the Singing Barcelona tour, the street art tour, the culinary tour, an interactive rally through the city, a dance class, our let’s get Spanish activity (learning basic Spanish through movement theatre) and much more.
What else? Looking for a special place to have dinner, with the option of a dance class, live singer or DJ? We can provide the solution!
For art schools we have customized activities that focus more on the arts: architecture tours, visits to art studios and art schools, creative workshops by local artists etc. 

We can send you a detailed list  with prices of all our activities tailored to schools. Just drop us a mail.

Check out our activities list for Secondary Schools /Highschools in Dutch



Check out our activities list for Secondary Schools /Highschools in English

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